A person - especially a woman- who is the source of artistic inspiration

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Godesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts

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The phrase "high fashion" refers to the most luxurious, elegant and expensive clothing and accessories created by the worlds top designers

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MUSE - The Art Of Style


The MUSE writes the next chapter in Detroit's creative cultural story.  Organized and produced by the Cadillac Club Of Detroit and Michigan Fashion Arts Foundation(MFAF),  MUSE was created with the vision of reshaping the future of fashion in Michigan and to integrate Detroit into the upper tier of the global fashion world.


Proud of our fashion heritage in Donyale Luna, Veronica Webb, Anna Sui,  Tracy Reese, Kevan Hall, John Varvatos, Naima Mora and others, our main mission is to create our own legacy that grows and gives to Detroit for generations to come.

Founder: Mark E. Burton


Next Steps...

Put Detroit into the Annual Fashion Capital Rankings:

The annual ranking of the leading fashion capitals produced by Global Language Monitor(GLM), a US-based company that tracks trends through language use worldwide.


Haute Couture is still the only showcase where looks are created for the season in which they are shown.  Other fashion weeks are held six months before the product they show is available online or in-store.  The production of each garment can easily cost five figures and it is still seen as the pinnacle of fashion.  Haute Couture is what gives fashion houses their essence of luxury.  Every season the collections attract mad attention and the value of the image couture gives is immeasurable.